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Translation of a notarial record of a copy of a document

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When making a notarized copy of a document, the notary prints a notarial record on the back of the last page.

When translating a notarized copy of a document into a foreign language, this notarial record must also be translated. Otherwise, the translation cannot be notarized.

Translation of a notarial record is also performed when translating from one foreign language to another. In this case, the translation is carried out through the Russian language. First, a translation from a foreign language into Russian is performed. This translation is certified by a notary. When certifying the translation, the notary prints on the reverse side a notarial record confirming the translator's signature. Then the text of the document and the notarial record is translated from Russian into a foreign language.

Our translation agency provides services for the removal of a notarized copy, a notarized translation and certification of the translator's signature by a notary. 

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