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Translation of documents from/to Turkmen

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Turkmen language – the state language in the Republic of Turkmenistan, the language of the Turkmenians. It is also widespread in Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, Kazakhstan and Stavropol Krai of the Russian Federation, in Iran and Afghanistan, in Turkey, Iraq and other countries. In total about 4 mln people speak Turkmen all over the world. Turkmen language belongs to the Oghuz group of Turkic languages (it was formed based on the Western Oghuz tribal languages but acquired some features typical for Turkic language family of the Kypchak group during development process). It has the following dialects: Tekin, Yomud, Ersara, Salyr, Saryk, Chovdur and others.

Since recently Belarus maintains a close relationship with Turkmenistan. Thus, translation from and into Turkmen becomes more popular.

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