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Translation of documents from/to Turkish

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Turkish language is the state language of Turkey, the language of the Turks (Osmanli language). It is also one of the official languages in the norther part of Cyprus. Turkish belongs to Oghuz group of Turkic languages. There are two main groups of Turkish dialects: Western, or Danube-Turkish, with Adakali, Adrianople, Bosnian and Macedonian dialects, and East Anatolian with Aydin, Izmir, Karaman, Kony, Sivass dialects (this group includes Cypriot dialect and the urban dialect of Ankara, which was the basis for contemporary norms of modern literary Turkish).

Over 45 mln people speak Turkish. It is often used in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and some other countries. Turkish language is used in German where the largest Turkish community is located. 207.5 thousand Turks lived in the territory of the former USSR in 1989, 189 thousand of them considered Turkish their native language.

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