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Translation of documents from/to Norwegian

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Norwegian language - official language of Norway, the language of the Norwegians. 4.6 mln people, including 4 mln in Norway, speak Norwegian. It is widespread in Norway, USA, Canada. It belongs to the Scandinavian group of Germanic languages. Norwegian language is divided into a large number of dialects. Many linguists share the opinion that too many differences make calculation of Norwegian dialects too complicated. Differences in grammar, vocabulary, syntax, and pronunciation in different regions allow speaking of separate dialects even at the level of the neighboring villages. Sometimes dialects differ so greatly that other dialect speakers cannot understand or translate them. Many linguists note a tendency towards regionalization of dialects which outwashes the differences among local dialects.

If you need to provide documents issued in Norway in Belarus for running a business, entering a university, getting married and for other reasons, then you must first translate the documents from Norwegian into Russian. To submit Belarusian documents in Norway, you should first translate documents from Russian or Belarusian into Norwegian.

In order to get an accurate and correct translation, it is advisable to address professional translators to Norwegian. Our Bureau employs translators with many years of experience, they will help you translate a document of any complexity and subject into Norwegian.

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