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Translation of documents from/to Italian

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Italian language is the official language in Italy along with Latin in the Vatican, the language of Italians. Italian language belongs to the Romance language group, it originated from colloquial Latin. Italian is divided into a large number of very different dialects; some of them have their own long literary tradition (Milanese, Venetian, Neapolitan, Sicilian). The standardized literary Italian was based on the Old Florentine dialect, which was first adopted as a literary language, and later became the official language, spread throughout Italy thanks to the tremendous influence of the three great Italian translators and writers of the 14th century. - Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio.

Translation into Italian for the Embassy

If you need to submit documents to the Embassy of Italy in the Republic of Belarus, it is necessary to complete a special translation. In order to submit documents to the Embassy, it is necessary to affix the apostile on the documents beforehand. After that the document should be translated by a translator certified by the Embassy. The list of such translator is not large. Cosmos Translation Bureau cooperates with the Embassy translators. We will assist you to prepare the documents for the Embassy. The translation rate into Italian for the Embassy may differ from the rate specified on the website. Please contact our manager for details on the price and term of completion.

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