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Translation of documents from/to Dutch

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Netherlandish language is often called Dutch. It is the official language in such countries as the Netherlands (over 16 mln people speak it), Belgium, Suriname. Africaans language is widespread in South Africa and Namibia, it was considered a dialect of Niderlandish (Ducth) before 1925. It is native for over 6 mln Africanders, descendants of Dutch, German and French huguenots living in South Africa and over 4 mln mixed colored population of African-Boer origin. There are Creole languages in Indonesia and Suriname which have a large number of Dutch elements. Over 5 mln people in North Belgium and in North-West France speak Flemish language (a Dutch dialect which is sometimes considered a separate language).

In order to submit documents issued in these countries in Belarus, it is necessary to translate them from Dutch to Russian. If you need to submit Belarusian documents in one of these countries, it is necessary to legalize them beforehand, to translate into Dutch and get a notary certification.

Cosmos Translation Bureau employs notarized translators with many years of experience. We can complete translation from Dutch (Niderlandish) into Russian quickly and in a quick and qualitative way.

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