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Biology is the science of life and living organisms, their diversity, origin, structure and development (bios - life, logos - teaching).

The movement of matter is absolute and eternal, it can neither be created nor destroyed,

because matter itself is inconceivable and indestructible. There are many kinds and forms of motion: mechanical movement - based on the movement of macroscopic bodies (cosmic and terrestrial); Physical form of motion is the way of existence of the micro-world (atoms, molecules), which covers a huge mass of phenomena: thermal, electrical, magnetic, interatomic, etc. The chemical form of the movement of matter is associated with the interaction of countless substances (formation or decay of molecules, crystals), the transformation of some chemical compounds into others. One of the most complex forms of matter motion is biological.

The forms of motion of matter are interconnected and inseparable. One form of motion can transform into another.

Biology is the science of life and genetic engineering.

Proficiency in scientific vocabulary, experience and relevant skills are required for recruiting translators focused on the sphere of biology. The final result of translation is to be verified by an editor-biologist.