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Aviation is an activity covering the creation and use of aircrafts, ground infrastructure, special knowledge and skills.

Aviation is a very sophisticating and technological sphere that needs constant upgrading and renovation. Modern airports have very complicated infrastructure that includes premises and facilities of various purpose equipped with a great number of digital systems that guarantee security of flights, passengers and staff.

There are two types of aeronautics in the world:

Aerostatic (for example a balloon or a dirigible) is bigger than the gravity of the flying object. Therefore the flying object is lighter than air

aerodynamic - its concept is based on lifting force, resulting from the difference of pressures above the flow of the profile of the wing and below it. An aircraft is heavier than air.( For example, a plane, a helicopter)

The translator requests assistance of aeronautic engineers and aviators to complete the task perfectly. The translation is to be read by them in order to adapt the contents for understanding by passengers and using by specialists.