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Certification of the document with the seal of the company

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One of the ways to certify the translation is to certify the document with the seal of the company. This type of document execution is called a certified translation. This method of certification of the translation confirms that the translation was made in an official translation agency and is of high quality and reliable.

Certification of a translation with a firm seal is much cheaper than certification of a translation by a notary.

In what cases is the translation certified by the company seal:

1) If the document is drawn up in such a way that the translation cannot be certified by a notary. For example, there is no seal on the document, no decryption of the signature, or several pages of the document are not stapled. Often the company seal certifies the translation of insurance, medical certificates, bank statements, etc.

2)    The body to which the document is submitted accepts documents with translation certification both by a notary and by the seal of the bureau. For example, to submit documents for a residence permit in Lithuania, the translation of documents is certified by the seal of the bureau.

3)    It is necessary to translate part of the document, not the entire document. When notarized, the entire document must be translated, otherwise the translation cannot be notarized. If it is necessary to translate only a part of the document, for example, the first page, then the translation of the document can be certified with the seal of the company. In this case, the certified translation will be officially certified.

How is a certified translation certified by the seal of the company prepared?

The certified translation is attached to the original or a copy of the document. Each translation page is stamped by the Kosmos translation agency. On the back of the last page of the translation there is a certifying inscription. This certifying inscription confirms that the translation was made by a certified translator at the Kosmos translation agency, the translation meets all requirements and standards and is made in accordance with the original document. The certified translation is confirmed by the manager and the seal of the Kosmos translation agency.

For an accurate and correct translation of a document, it is important to entrust the translation to professional translators. The Kosmos Translation Bureau employs certified specialists and native speakers with many years of experience. We will translate your documents quickly and efficiently.

Important! The site calculates the preliminary cost of the order, for more information on the cost of the order and received promotions, contact our manager. Or leave an order on the website and we will call you back.

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