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Certification of a copy by a notary

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To notarize the translation of a document, the notary files the translation to the document. If you need the original document to remain in your hands, then you must first certify a copy of the document with a notary. Such a notarized copy of the document will be valid as the original document. A notarized copy is a full-fledged copy of a document and has ambiguous legal force. Next, a certified copy of the document is translated, which, when the translation is notarized, is attached to the notarized copy itself.
Also, a notarized copy may be required for filing with the authorities. In order for a notarized copy to be removed from a document, the document must meet certain requirements:
•    The document must indicate the name of the organization that issued the document, the date of issue and registration number, the seal of the institution that issued the document, and the signature of the person responsible for issuing the document.
•    The document should not contain erasure, postscript, crossed out words, unspecified corrections.
•    If you need to certify a copy of the diploma supplement, you must also provide the original diploma, since the supplement is not valid without a diploma.

•    It is impossible to certify a copy of a document drawn up in a foreign language, containing a seal or details in a foreign language.
•    The document must not expire.
The managers of the Kosmos translation bureau will tell you whether it is possible to remove a notarized copy from the document, will prompt you how to properly draw up the document. We will certify a copy of the document with a notary in a short time, without an appointment. 

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