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Translation of documents from/to Romanian

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Romanian language – the national language of two independent states - Romania (about 20 mln) and Moldova (about 2.5 mln), the language of the Romanian and Moldavian nations. It belongs to the East Romance subgroup of Romance languages. There are the following dialects: Banat, Krishan, Wallachian, Moldavian (along the right bank of Prut).

Romanian language is based on the Latin language of colonists who migrated to the East of the Balkan Peninsula after its conquest by Rome. This new language was subject to asubstratum influence of local languages (Dacian, Thracian), and later to the influence of the Slavic and Modern Greek languages.

If you need to provide documents issued in Romania in Belarus for running a business, entering a university, getting married and for other reasons, then you must first translate the documents from Romanian into Russian. To submit Belarusian documents in Romania, you should first translate documents from Russian or Belarusian into Romanian.

In order to get an accurate and correct translation, it is advisable to address professional translators to Romanian. Our Bureau employs translators with many years of experience, they will help you translate a document of any complexity and subject into Romanian.

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