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How to order translation of documents and pay without arriving at the office?

  • Your documents can be brought by your relatives, acquaintances, employees, courier, etc.
  • Send your documents by post to the address:

220030, Belarus, Minsk City, 16, K. Marx St. , office 14B for "BUREAU OF TRANSLATIONS *" KOSMOS "

  • And what is important! Be sure to contact us before submitting your documents.
  • Use courier services DHL, UPS and others, send ONLY documents.
  • If you need to send a CD, flash drive, etc., use customary state post.
  • Do not value letters more than 20 rubles.
  • Send scanned documents to email:,, in the letter indicate the language, into which you want to translate the document, your contact numbers and other important information for translation.
  • We accept documents by fax: + 375-17-290-28-37. Indicate your contact information, by which you can be contacted.

Upon receipt of the documents, we will contact you. Having received the necessary details from us

(bank account, order number and amount), pay through the bank, by post, card, ERIP to the current account and notify us after payment.

Why do we ask how the surname and first name are written in your passport in Latin letters, and do not translate ourselves?

There are two official languages in the Republic of Belarus, therefore, when issuing a passport on the territory of our country, the surname and first name can be transliterated from both Russian and Belarusian. The name and surname indicated in the translation must completely match the spelling in your passport to confirm that the document belongs to you.

Members of my family have the same surnames in their passports in Russian and Belarusian, but in Latin letters they are spelled differently. What to do?

If in one family the surnames in passports were transliterated from two state languages (for example, father - SIDARAU (from Belarusian), child - SIDOROV (from Russian)), you must contact the state authorities to change one of the passports , at the same time indicate in the questionnaire the same spelling of the surname and first name in Latin letters.

Can I send you documents for translation by post, email, fax, and pay upon receipt?

We conclude a long-term cooperation agreement with regular customers (legal entities). The agreement allows the client to send us documents for translation by email or in another way, and we accept an order for translation without prepayment.

For new clients - legal entities and individuals, and regular clients (individuals), we do not provide services without prepayment.

Is it possible to conclude a long-term contract with you and are there any advantages?

We conclude long-term cooperation agreements only with legal entities that are residents and non-residents of the Republic of Belarus. We provide the contract in our edition with possible correction on your part. When placing orders for translation, you do not need to sign a set of documents, it is enough to confirm the order by affixing a seal on the invoice issued by us, send it to us by e-mail or fax, and we will accept the order for work without prepayment. Clients who have entered into a long-term cooperation agreement with us have advantages in terms of execution and receive discounts on our services.

Is your translation agency licensed?

This type of activity is unlicensed in the Republic of Belarus. No translation agency has a license.

I need to translate several documents, when can I pick up the translation?

The lead time for the order depends on the volume of documents, the required procedures and the date of receipt of your order.


  • documents with affixing an apostille will be ready in 3-4 days;
  • documents with notarization of the translation, but without affixing an apostille, will be ready within a STANDARD deadline in 2 days;
  • a simple translation can be done within a day, but the terms may change depending on the volume of translation and the current load of translators (about 2 days)

Additional terms of execution: "within 3 hours", "within 6 hours", "within 24 hours".

By what criteria do you calculate the volume of the text?

For one registration page, 1800 characters with spaces of the finished translation are accepted. Roughly, this is 1 A4 page with 30 lines of 60 characters. The counting of characters in the text is carried out using the "Statistics" function in the "Tools" menu of the Microsoft Word text editor. Such a counting system is the most objective, allowing, regardless of the font size, line spacing, figures or drawings on the page, to determine the number of characters in the text, hence its volume.

In many European countries, translation is calculated based on the number of words. When translating documents from or into languages ​​such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew, Persian, Arabic, etc., where hieroglyphs or ligature are used, the volume is calculated according to the Russian text.

Why do you need an Apostille? Where can the apostille be affixed?

The apostille certifies the authenticity of the seal or stamp with which this document is affixed, as well as the position in which the person who signed the document acted. Apostille is a simplified form of legalization of documents for countries participating in the Hague Convention. Apostille can be affixed to the originals of documents on education, civil status, certificates, etc., as well as on documents certified by a notary.