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About Us

About Us

Minsk Translation Bureau "KOSMOS" has a staff of responsible and experienced translators who provide translation services with high quality and in a timely manner.

Exceptional quality is our top priority

The Translation Bureau “KOSMOS” was founded in 2003. During our long existence on the translation services market, we have won the trust of our clients.

Today the Translation Bureau “KOSMOS” is located in the center of Minsk near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, within walking distance from the “Oktyabrskaya / Kupalovskaya” metro station, 16, K. Marx St., on the 2nd floor with free parking.

Urgent translation

The Translation Bureau “KOSMOS” in Minsk specializes in urgent professional translation. The Translation Bureau “KOSMOS”  will carry out urgent translation of texts and documents of various sizes, medical, technical, scientific, economic and legal topics. A team of specialists has been created - specialized linguists who are able to take into account all the subtleties and peculiarities of the translated documents. Medical reports and charts, technical instructions and drawings, complex business contracts and legal acts - all documents are translated only by specialized specialists.

Impeccable quality translation services

The Translation Bureau “KOSMOS” provides a full range of services for the translation of documents and texts of any complexity, volume and urgency. We work with all languages ​​of the world: English, German, French, Finnish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, etc.

From the very first day of the creation of our agency, we have been striving to provide translation services of impeccable quality.

A number of documents such as diplomas, agreements, contracts, passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. require subsequent notarization.

"KOSMOS" in Minsk City carries out notarization of the translation, assists in the legalization and apostilization of documents.

Notarization is required when translating legal documents and personal documents for their presentation abroad. Notarial certification is carried out by notaries in Minsk.

Optimal cost

In our Translation Bureau “KOSMOS”, the optimal and reasonable prices for translation services are formed by a marketer who constantly monitors and monitors prices and services.

Therefore, the prices in the Translation Bureau “KOSMOS” in Minsk always correspond to the quality of translations, professionalism and responsibility of the employees.

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About Us