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We can translate any texts for websites in a quality and timely manner. Our portfolio includes websites on economy, jurisprudence, medicine, politics, sociology, natural sciences, electronics etc.

In order to keep a good quality, we hire, first of all, staff, and off-staff translators with great knowledge of languages and higher education, they are split into specializations by subjects. It is a must to be attentive, accurate, responsible, and diligent when completing a translation. Such a talent acquisition system works perfect.

Each text translation material is subject to editing - by editors, linguists, but sometimes additional assistance of a native speaker is required.

However, Cosmos Bureau in Minsk can translate texts of large volumes, as the translators’ database allow to cope with a different number of pages. Managers coordinating a group of translator and completion of each order from A to Z, deal with such projects.

Highly specified texts require additional knowledge, we can address experts who consult the translators, help them understand the material to make a professional terminology. Then linguists, editors and native speakers upon an additional agreement read the texts. In order to achieve a high quality of our work.

The well-established system ensures accuracy of a translation keeping all professional peculiarities and respect for the Client.


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