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Translation of a diploma

Translation of a diploma

We provide the service at the agency's office. We have been working with 95 foreign languages, ​​in 15 years of work a large number of various diplomas and applications have been translated with high quality. We assist in affixing Apostille and notary services. We will provide a full range of services to the client for further presentation on demand.

Translation of diploma and extract with notarization

Are you applying to a foreign university or are you invited to work abroad?

Please contact us. We know how and where to execute and translate documents for further submission. For 15 years of work, a large number of various diplomas and applications have been translated with high quality.

You are required to call the manager or send a readable scan of your documents to for evaluation. Our manager will contact you shortly.

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Diploma is one document, and a diploma supplement is a second document. The documents are different in volume and cost, each document is apostilled separately and then formalized by a notary (according to the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus on notaries).

Diploma and its supplements are one of the most difficult and responsible tasks for a translator.

Correctly execute:

  • specialties and qualifications
  • names of subjects
  • faculty names (international standard)
  • comply with the numerology of the diploma and the correct translation of grades
  • you cannot change the ratings based on the rating system of the country of destination.
  • grades in strict accordance with what is written in the diploma.
  • from / into a foreign language, the spelling of the first and last name is taken from the main document (passport)

Representatives of a foreign state require apostille, notarization or legalization of the translation of a document, sometimes it is enough to certify with the seal of the translation company. The client should clarify and find out this requirement.

Apostille or Legalization of the translation is determined by the choice of the country. When contacting the Translation Bureau “KOSMOS” in Minsk, it is necessary to clarify the country where you will submit the document, the choice of the type of legalization and document execution depends on this.

Only a registered notarial translator in the Republic of Belarus has the right to translate the diploma and its supplements, in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, all have diplomas of the corresponding linguistic specialization and are registered in the notary office of Minsk.

We translate any documents, from / to all known languages ​​of the world.


Translation of a diploma