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Passport translation

Passport translation

Passport is a personal document certifying the identity of an individual and has an international status. But it must be translated it into the language of the country where the citizen arrived for the registration of any documentation, the conclusion of contracts, marriage and other matters.

  • The translation of the passport must be correct and accurate. While preparing a translation, it is extremely important to indicate carefully each digit and letter of the number, date of birth, and the authority that issued the certificate, since in case of any error or typo, the certificate may be considered invalid. That is why it is necessary to order the service from experienced specialists who not only have an excellent command of the profession, but are also familiar with the norms, standards and established legislative requirements.
  • Bureau has established a thorough check and, therefore, any kind of typos are excluded.
  • While translating a passport from a foreign into the Russian / Belarusian, sheet can only be attached to a photocopy. The translation is not attached to the passport.
  • While sending business papers, including a copy of a passport abroad, a photocopy is made from the passport and notarized, then an Apostille is put down, translated from Russian/Belarusian into the desired foreign language and the translator's signature is certified (in some countries, it is required to close the document with an Apostille).
  • The cost of the order may differ and depends on the language from or into which the translation will be made. As a rule, after completing the work, it is necessary to undergo the procedure of notarization of the translation, because without it, the document will be considered invalid in state institutions.
  • The standard deadline for making a translation with notarization of the translation is 2 working days, But ... in our agency you can also order an urgent translation. Within 3 hours or on the day of the order with notarization of the translation.

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