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Oral translation

Oral translation

Nowadays it has become an obvious necessity to be able to communicate in English. We consider the interpretation to be a kind of translation activity to solve a lot of problems.

Interpretation activity has special features in comparison with translation. The implementation of interpretation has increased significantly.

Study of interpretation as a special kind of translation. There are two types of interpretation: consecutive and simultaneous ones..

Consecutive Interpretation is done by the interpreter when the speaker finishes his/her speech or sentences while Simultaneous Interpretation is to be performed at the same time as  the speaker is giving his/her speech.  The most important professional skill of an interpreter is the ability to pronounce words as clearly as possible at a high rate of speech to be laconic and accurate in both a foreign language and a native one. The interpreter’s speech may not comprise parasite words, words fillers, unnecessary repeats, uncompleted phrases. The interpreter builds his/her speech according to linguistic rules and stylistic belonging of the text. He/she should be prompt in choosing expressive methods for  the delivering speech and anticipating the speaker’s ideas.

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